About me


I was born in Warsaw, Poland in year 1972 and have spent my childhood in the socialistic reality of Cold War times, but warm and liberal family surrounding.

In the 1990's I have studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw. 

Shortly after my final exams I moved to Berlin in Germany and finally to Cologne, where I live and work now, enjoying my life with two teenager daughters.

I draw and paint since ever and using different media. I prefer to paint en plain-air and choose gouache as my favourite medium to create artworks alla-prima, in a single sitting.

My works mostly show the zoomed-in visual fragments of everyday life, or zoomed-out wide landscapes and nature from various places. Sunny outdoors scenery are my favourite subjects and it's mostly the southern light that inspires my spontaneous work.
Indoors I am reaching for pastel, coloured pencils or draw stuff digitally.

As an freelance illustrator I run a studio ILLUS-ICONS-INFOGRAPHICS, creating digital illustrations, visualising facts & figures, designing icons and drawing illustrated maps.